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Once you sign up for a Gmail account, you might wonder how to use the service from time to time. If you have your personal account as well as professional accounts on the same platform, it is possible to stay logged in and use both accounts simultaneously. What’s more, the process of two step verification process helps you to enhance security features for your Gmail account as well.



The steps to login securely to your Gmail account are enumerated below:


  • Gmail account login panel can be found on the front page of You can also find the link through Google main page.
  • Gmail login panel requires you to type in the username in the first field.
  • The next field requires the password to be typed in as per the characters you chose at the time of signing in.
  • If you have typed the password correctly, you will gain access to the inbox page by clicking on the login link.

There might be instances when your login process might face hiccups. For instance, you might forget the password. In such a case there is an option below the login panel which leads to recovery of password page. Here you need to type in the alternate email address where a link is sent for you to reset the account password. There might be instances when you have forgotten the username of your email address as well. The account recovery process in this instance would require you to enter the answers to the security questions that you had chosen at the time of forming the account. You might also be asked to enter the security code that is sent as a text message to your registered phone number. These are some of the possible ways you could recover your email address and account access.


Login conveniences are several when you are using Gmail account:


  • You could use the checkbox below the login panel to stay logged into your Gmail account.
  • You can access another account of Gmail once you have entered a Gmail inbox. The option to log into another account is provided at the top right hand corner of your Gmail inbox page.
  • You can stay logged into more than one account in Gmail.
  • It is possible to log in and remain logged in to your Gmail account through your desktop as well as other mobile devices at the same time.


The above reasons help login access be easy and convenient for Gmail users.


The process of signing up for a Gmail account is an easy one. If you are wondering which email service to sign up for, you will surely want to consider Gmail. That is because it is a reliable email service that is offered by Google. The best search engine in the world, Google offers Gmail as a service that is reliable, fast and will stand the tests of time. Indeed, over a decade or more that the service has lasted, customers can hardly remember an instance when there was downtime or there were email inbox access errors or problems.

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