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Google is looking to impress its users with its emailing service and has come out with better email options in the form of Google inbox and Gmail app email. Google was bent on convincing its users to bid farewell to the Gmail app and move on to the latest thing called Gmail inbox for its Smartphone and tablet users. It is an easy and organized way of handling Gmail messages on the phone. But, now Google has come out with the latest version of the Gmail app email to offer even better services for Android users.

gmail inbox app

The new Gmail app is an all in one hub for your Android phone that does not just support Gmail, but also offers support to POP, Yahoo, Exchange mail and IMAP in the Gmail app. The new Gmail app looks far better than the old one and is also a very capable app.

Google Inbox Benefits

If you are looking for a little help to get your email organized, then Inbox is the feature to have on your phone. Everything is so organized in Inbox that you will not have to spend lots of time using the app. There is no messing up of labels and folders in the Inbox and you will be able to instantly access all important mails. Inbox helps in bundling of the messages and hence you will be able to spot the messages that you want easier. You also have the option of swiping messages away and snoozing them for a certain time.  Snooze will help in segregating messages that needs some action from you at a later period and hence will not clog your inbox.

The Inbox also will give you remainders and will work as a to-do list organizer. It also offers auto suggest option to make it easy and fast to make a reminder. The Inbox has been designed with the consumer in mind and hence you get labels like travel, finance, social updates, promotions and so on for easy access to mails.

Gmail App Benefits

Gmail new email app for Android users comes with fillips like options to handle IMAP, POP mail,, Yahoo and Microsoft Exchange. It is a very useful app to use if you have other accounts to maintain as well as have Exchange in your mind. It is also a very good app for people who love to permanently delete unwanted ones instead of archiving. The trash can option is available in the front and center and with just a swipe you will be able to delete the message instead of archiving. You also just need to swipe your way to find your Gmail labels that you love. There is no turning the important messages into bundles here and people who are comfortable with the old style of Gmail inbox would find this Gmail app to be very good.

If you are a Gmail fan, then you can try both these Google services. If you want to sort, snooze and set remainders use the inbox and if you think otherwise, just jump to the Gmail app.

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